Friday, 2 December 2011

The Problem of Gangstalking in Australia

I am writing this blog in support of all Australians who have found themselves the target of campains designed to destroy them, using any number of the methods commonly ascribed under the heading of Gangstalking. You are not alone.

I have been activley and continously harrassed by a network of people in Australia for over a decade now. I have been hunted like an animal  across most of the states of Australia by a group of people obsessed with behaviouralism, psychology and inducing mentaly ill states in its victims. I have been raped, stabbed, drugged, falsley imprisoned, suffered grievous bodily harm, had my pets murdered and have been convicted of crimes that I have never committed. I have obtained a sub-human status, where the rights available to the Australian citizen are not available to me. When I am subjected to gross violation of my human rights, the police simply refuse to lay charges.

These people seem to have a licence to drug, rape, murder, harrass, break and enter into peoples residences and work as a group to incarcerate or commit targeted individuals.

I have found it very difficult to obtain any hard evidence determing exactly how these groups communicate. There is a tonne of knowledge out there on this phenomenon and yet there is very little evidence linking these operations to certain people, and this is realy what is needed.

The lowest lifeform on the evolutionary ladder of this breed of Pavlovians, can be found at the local shopping centre, where their daily activities are centred around communicating via hand signals and playing out some kind of covert operations game. The sole objective of this performance is to drive people to 'lose it' infront of CCTV and many people in a public place. This also has the role of alerting the security guard(s), who's job is structured around the saftey of the community. Due to terrorrism threats, National Security and community based Ocupational Health and Saftey Laws, security has tightened considerably, enabling someone who erupts in anger in a public place to be to be taken as a threat to the community and it is very possible that there is a list for such individuals.
To all targeted individuals, try to keep in mind that the only objective of these people is to destroy your CREDIBILTY.
These Pavlovians use 'triggers' that have been developed through 'conditioning', i.e. the repeated and continual use of one word, phrase, gesture or other , used by many people on the individual day in and day out. When the person has become conditioned, the word or gesture then becomes a trigger. This trigger has the effect of triggering the flight or fight response; an evolutionary response to  a threat. The persons body is flooded with cortisol and adrenaline. The cortisol induces a state very similar to shock and successfully puts a block on normal cognitive brain function and the abiltiy to think logicaly and coherently. The adrenaline causes the body to shake, enabling the body with that extra surge of energy needed to fend off predators. As you can imagine, a person reacting to seemingly harmless stimuli in a social setting infront of CCTV in such a way, would easily be regarded as crazy or dangerous.
Try not to lose it in these situations. Find actions to take, such as writing the whole episode down , trying to incorporate as much detail as possible. This will force you to concentrate and at the same time will put the control back in your corner.
The type of Pavlovian to be found  at shopping malls often has a relativley low IQ and seems to lack healthy cognitive brain function. They are at the bottom of their food chain. These are the failures of humanity that have found a sence of purpose and position playing spy games for whatever powers that be. Do not waste your time on these people and do not be drawn into the very many red-herrings that are used to intrigue you so that they can lead you on wild-goose chase. There is intelligence behind all of this but you will not find it with these idiots.

What we are up against here, is not a system but rather many systems within systems that overlap and are interconnected. It is important to remember that some of the systems include phedophile networks, organised crime, fringe groups and any number of oddities on the human spectrum. Many of these systems oerate only under a code of secrecy and so they are all united in a common hate of troublesome indivuals who they term as whistleblowers. This network extends into all aspects of society. Most of the time, all a person needs to be told in order to participate in your harrassment is to be told that you are a whistleblower. Rarley do people bother to check the validity of these statements. Other people are given a manipulated version of the truth, so that they may participate in the  stalking. Unfortunatley this is the scary truth of human nature. Most people have never learnt to actually think for themselves as functiong individuals but have their actions and decisions dictated to them by social norms and peer pressures. If many of these Pavlovians who have children actually realised that the people that they helping to destroy are often the people who have spoken out against phedophila and other gross violations that have been carried out under this code of secrecy, perhaps they would think again. I'm sure that they would insist upon retaining the right to speak up about the rape of their child, if indeed the rape occurred. And yet these parents are contributing to a system that is geared towards treachery, violation, rape and silence. I can only deduce that these people have failed to realise the link between the role they play in society and the course humanity takes.

To all Journalists reading this (with intregrity that is) I urge you to include this neglected subject in you research and to help all of the people who are currently being driven to homelessnesss, years of harrassment, exhaustion and ultimatley induced states of mental illness and in some cases death. We all know that our society is a credibilty based one, and so in order to avoid becoming a target yourself, you could post your articles anonymously. The gift you will be giving will stem from your education and many years of experience to put articles out in a logical and coherent manner for those who are so traumatised that they cannot, and bringing about an awareness to this abhorant betrayal of human rights. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. Do not become complacent in your coccons of security, believing the illusion that this could never happen to you. This can happen to anyone! By the time many people actually pull their heads out of their backsides it may be too late.

For those of you who have become targeted, I urge you to think logicaly and practise finding many different reasons for why an event may have occured. This will keep your mind open, so you don't end becoming so paranoid that you end up blaming everything on a grand conspiracey. This will give you the ability to reason , and hence communicate with all other human beings. Be systematic and methodical in your methods. Write down times, dates and places in a log book. Ruthlessly disregard irelevant data, especially in regards to video footage. Do not post a bunch of people in a public place doing a bunch of public things, you are not helping your case by doing so. We need people to be doing research into finding hard evidence that ties these people to thes activities and also info on the exact drugs they are using and any evidence of this.
Keep your head on your shoulders and do not look to the metaphysical or religous for explanations. Although many religious groups do participate in these campains, it realy has nothing to do with their spiritual beliefs and more to do with the fact that they are an 'organised' religion, a system of control and a network of people.

Finally, I would like to end this article on the subject of psychology. Psychology is  a half-baked in-exact social science that carries a disproportionate weight in all of our lives. Modern psychology has not found a single cure and yet it continues to make more drugs and churn out more disorders. When a person is diagnosed with a mental disorder/ illness they are effectivley gagged and ultimatley silenced as thier credibilty is stripped from them and the sedative action of the drugs reduce them into a time capsule of sorts. It takes only three years to earn a degree in psychology. Unfortunatley many of the individuals drawn to these occupations often have feelings of inadequacy and inferiority complexes and hence use their given powers to tote psycho-babble and present as tyrannical 'know it alls'. These individuals often participate in gangstalking campains, as they have God complexes, and fancy themselves to have 'special' insight into the inner workings of the human mind. Bahh!
I would also like to take issue with the terms 'illness' and'disorder'. These terms imply that there is a disease of sorts or a malfunction. It is somehow implying that there is some God like figure that is the epitome of perfection  from which the rest of us are somehow incomplete models. This is a load of rubbish!
I am the product of millions of years of evolution, as are you. Our species has been around for approximatley 25,000 years and to have some half-baked social science come along and have the arrogance to discredit the unique and different individuals in this world as somehow 'out of order' is highly offensive. The truth of this however, is another matter. It has more to do with the thought processes and behaviour of these indivuals being non-linear, and hence difficult to contain, map out and control within the incredibley narrow parameters from which modern psychology operates. Psychology can only operate in a linear progression, i.e. from A to B and then on to C.  This is full of flaws and bears no resemblance to occurances that happen in the natural world.

Psychology has failed us as a species. It only serves to silence and drug people who are an inconvenience. Think about the vast numbers of people with ADD and ADHD who are currently rotting in our jail systems. Many of these people have a high degree of cognitive intelligence and often show creative abilities, but due to their non-linear behaviour are considered de-funct by the psychiatric profession and most of these people spend the rest of their lives institutionalised, criminalised, with drug problems and ultimately as social outcasts. The numbers of people across humanity who have  these 'disorder' is quite significant. To me this suggests an evolutionary significance and therefore, that there is a reason for the prevalence for these characteristics. Perhaps it is because we needed more than 'from A to B and then on to C' to survive and succeed as a species.
Psychology had become a malignant force that it coursing through the veins of the world and we are all slowly dying because of it.

Please, I urge people out there to THINK. Apply my article to your daily observations and remember that ever single one of you has more power than you know. Use it wisely because every action or inaction you take will have consequences. If you do not know how to think independantly of the the crowd, make the commitment to start today. It takes an intelligent mind to recognise this and a stupid one to deny it.

So please, wake up people, the future is in your hands and we are fast running out of time.